A lie bears no truth. An honest lie, is a statement that is not true yet, and will never break your moral code by telling it.


     "Everything you want is on the other side of a lie. You may wonder how this can come from an act so universally frowned upon. Is it possible to gain through deception? Yes. There are good lies and there are bad lies. Both have been used to achieve success. Only one however, can maintain it. Good lies, the very best kind of lies, are honest lies, and honest lies are the truth. In this book, you will learn to spark the beginning power of creation. You will learn to leverage the power of an honest lie." -The Honest Lie, Chapter 1





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#227742 (Shane Baldwin)

Arrested for a securities violation in 2015, #227742 began writing The Honest Lie during his time in Salt Lake County Jail, Super Max 3B. He is currently at the Utah State Prison serving out the rest of his sentence.