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Chapter 3

     "...Often, the most meaningful experiences are those that bring us to our knees. It is in these moments that we define ourselves. We do this by defining our beliefs. These moments are the moments that build faith. It is how we face and respond to challenge and difficulty that allows us to determine our future. In other words, it is through faith and belief that we create our future. When we respond with courage, strength, confidence, and hope, we can be sure that we are walking straight towards real joy, lasting happiness, true peace, and the deepest kind of love. It is how we deal with failure and suffering that determines the depth and degree that we will experience success and happiness..."

Chapter 4

     "...Our biggest mistakes are made when we are too afraid to make mistakes. There is never a better opportunity to begin all over again, than in the middle of what feels to be total failure. If we learn to use failure as a way to gather new information, we will always find an opportunity because of it. I have learned that failing is never the reason people do not achieve their goals and dreams. It is the doubt and lack of self- confidence amidst our failures, that cause us to prematurely quit..."