Shane Baldwin

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case #151904420FS, 151905056FS, and 151905774FS

In May 2016 D. Shane Baldwin plead guilty to 4 counts of securities fraud. Baldwin was originally investigated by the FBI in 2013 but was never indicted. The state of Utah revisited the case in 2015.On April 1, 2016, Baldwin pled guilty to four counts of securities fraud involving his solicitation of investors to purchase promissory notes in Silverleaf and Kingswick, one count of communications fraud, one count of theft for exercising unauthorized control over the property of the investors of Silverleaf Acquisition Holdings, LLC and one count of a pattern of unlawful activity. In Baldwin’s statement to the Court in advance of his guilty plea, he acknowledged that from June 2010 through September 2011, “in connection with the offer or sale of a security, directly or indirectly… I made untrue statements of material facts or omitted to state material facts necessary in order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading; or engaged in an act, practice, or course of business which operated or would operate as a fraud or deceit.” On April 1, 2016, Baldwin’s guilty plea was entered by the Third Judicial District Court for the State of Utah in State of Utah v. Dwight Shane Baldwin. On May 26, 2016, Baldwin was sentenced to prison for four to 30 years and restitution of $15,579,075.00.