Written behind bars, The Honest Lie was first read by #227742's fellow inmates. They have shared how the book impacted their lives while serving time inside prison and how it continued to bring value to their lives on the outside. Not only will this book continue to change the lives of those on the inside, it will change the lives of others all over the world when it is released to the outside world. This book, in every sense, impacts people from the inside- out.  




Phil Leland 

Phil first met #227742 at the Utah State Prison. The two became close friends and he was one of the first to receive a typed copy of The Honest Lie. That first drafted copy is one of the few things he brought with him when he was released. 

Jamis Johnson 

#227742 and Jamis became well acquainted while serving time at the Utah State Prison together. Since being released, Jamis and other members of his family have been a great support to Shane. 



Garrett Anderson

Garrett is currently incarcerated at the Utah State Prison. He now also has a copy of the book and has been so positively impacted by #227742 and the book, he sent a letter in the mail without being asked. Later he told Shane, "I know if it can help a guy in here like me, it can help anybody out there."



“I absolutely loved this book. It was everything that I needed at this point in my life. I think a lot about the future and what I want. Before reading this book, I did not understand how to develop the right mindset to make things happen. It was motivating and educational. It also talks about how important it is to love yourself in order to live a happy and successful life. It helped me understand how to connect with my inner or higher self. The book confirms how important it is to recognize a higher power and use spirituality as tool to help you become who you want to be. I absolutely will read this book many more times and I highly recommend it to anybody with the desire to learn more and accomplish even greater things than they already have.”
— Brandon V. , U.S. Army veteren
“This book has allowed me to change the way I approach my goals in life. I am better able to challenge myself to reach goals that before seemed unattainable. Knowing how to tell yourself The Honest Lie will help you become a better you.”
— Tyson R. , son of fellow inmate
“This book gave me confidence. It made me feel like I could do anything.”
— Jessica T. , daughter of fellow inmate