The Honest Lie was written in a maximum security cell inside the Salt Lake County Jail. Awaiting trial, Baldwin spent two months in solitary confinement for attacking an officer. "It was a terribly poor way to handle myself. I was under so much stress and in such a state of fear and shame, that I became aggravated in a situation I normally would have handled in a calm and respectful way." He recalls. At the lowest point of his life, Baldwin began writing as a means of pulling himself out of a deep depression. "When I started writing, I never thought anyone else would read it. I wrote the book for myself. I wrote it to remind myself that we are in charge of our minds no matter what is going on around us." Baldwin plead guilty and was relocated to the Utah State Prison soon after finishing the book. 

Two years later Brittney Michelle, a local writer and daughter of a fellow inmate, received the original manuscript. "I was fascinated by what a person would write while isolated from the rest of the world. After reading his book, it was clear to me that the content would help improve the lives of others. I also recognized that there was a story worth telling." Brittney typed, edited and reorganized the book into what it is today,

The Honest Lie by #227742

The Honest Truth: The Shane Baldwin Story

as told by Brittney Michelle   

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The book provides straight forward and practical action steps at the end of each chapter, along with space for the reader's own writing. "Writing saved me here in prison. It brought new purpose and hope. I want to encourage others to do the same, no matter what kind of prison they find themselves in." Shane says. The book also includes an account of Shane's life and the events leading up to his incarceration. Told by Brittney Michelle, the insight she gained through Shane's story unlocks a new understanding of how we all break certain laws to one degree or another. "Where we may not end up in prison like Shane, there are areas in each of our lives where we violate universal laws, disregard our moral codes, and make justifications along the way. The Honest Lie, is the truth about how the darkest parts of our life, allow us to find the light. We just have to be willing to look."